My question of the day

Okay… so here’s the thing I asked my co workers if they new why the rainbow meant gay pride ? I never understood why it meant gay when a rainbow is a rainbow and with my thinking it just meant a promise that God would never flood the earth again. What are your opinions ?

After baby feelings

Hello to all my bloggers this morning . I wanted to share my feelings on how I’ve been feeling after having my daughter . She is now 3 months and I still can’t seem to drop the baby fat! Yes I know it’s only been 3 months so I still have plenty of time to get rid of it . Even though I know it takes time , it still gets very depressing not having your old body back. My mom and fiancé tells me I look great with my weight and I honestly don’t think I do . I’m used to a smaller waistline and small shirts haha . Maybe I’m just overthinking it but I’m sure I’m not the only mom who has ever felt this way.

Racism speech

Hey everyone ,

It seems like the world has been going crazy about this whole racism thing. Which I can completely understand. I don’t really agree what went on in all of these riots because I don’t think it solved anything. No points were made. I understand that African Americans aren’t heard .. but the riots and burning things won’t solve nor change what’s going on no matter how much we wish it did.

I am African American ,Indian and white . And I still don’t understand why it’s so much hatred with whites and blacks . I try to tell people there are bad people no matter what race but in some eyes it’s not the same .

I don’t want anyone to take offense to this .. but African Americans has it worse . We are judged based off our skin and murdered most times for no reason. now I know what some of you are thinking … “ all lives matter” I agree but do you see any whites getting killed by cops? Or being judged by every move they make? I know a lot of people aren’t racist and I love that! But at the end we African Americans just have rights we will never be treated the same . Feel free to leave comments .

Thank you for reading 💕

Losing someone

When I got that phone call . I was in shock

Couldn’t speak

Couldn’t cry

I was just numb

Why did it have to be you?

Why is this happening ?

I needed you Alittle longer

Only God knows the reason why so I won’t question it

One day I will see you again 💕

I have lost someone very close to me . My god father . It was the hardest thing to hear and to to deal with these last few days. Please keep me in your prayers. 🙏🏼


I’m not black, but I see you.
I’m not black, but I hear you.
I’m not black, but I mourn with you.
I’m not black, but I see the injustice that you face daily.
I’m not black, but I see your fear for your sons and even your daughters.
I’m not black, but I will stand with you.
I’m not black, but I love you.
I’m not black, but black lives matter.

And I don’t care how much backlash I get from this, because BLACK. LIVES. MATTER. ❤️ And I will always stand beside you.


Yes I am half black but this was sent to me by my mom of someone who isn’t colored and I was actually happy that it was shared.

Give me your thoughts on this !

Beauty tip 💕

So instead of me spending a lot of money at the salons to get my nails done for a few weeks, I’ve decided on press on nails! Well I use glue haha . Something simple and easy until things calm down with this virus .

I use the clear whole nails ,brush on nail glue, obviously whatever colors I want to paint my nails , nail files , buffer and cuticle oil ! This is how they turned out .