Fun sunny day

My son and I had a little run away (in the yard) to use our chalk he’s been so excited to use ! It kept him busy all day ! What do you guys let your kids play with outside or when your kids were younger what did they play with?

New people Alert 🚨

Hi everyone so since we are all bloggers here,I’m sure you guys love meeting new people right ? With that being said , drop 5 questions you want to ask me and I’ll answer them ! Let’s play !

Babies first shots

Wish my luck today as my 2 month old goes for her shots . If you’re a mother I know you understand my pain at the moment. Good morning everyone and I hope everyone enjoys their day ❤️

My 2 month old daughter ❤️💕

Hi everyone , so I now have a 2 month old daughter . Time is flying already , but anywho she is sooo smart already and wants to be on the move . My 5 year old son is such a great big helper and loves his sister sooo deeply. I’ll have a few mommy blogs coming soon . Being a mother is the best !

I’m back !!

Hey everyone , I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here ! But I’m back hopefully more often . I had my daughter in March so things have been big change ❤️ I’ll be back posting on here and there . I’ve missed all my followers !

I’m back !

Hey everyone ,

Sorry I haven’t been on for awhile life and pregnancy definitely taking over ! I see you guys still have amazing posts like alwaysss ! I’ll be back later to talk to ya ! Good morning and have a blessed day ❤️

Mystery blogger award❤️

I want to thank my dear friend for the mystery blogger award . I never felt that my blogs were good enough and she definitely made them feel special ! ❤️ my first time being nominated as a reward so I definitely am soooo happy ! Mrs.Holliman is a amazing for nominating me ! Once again thank you guys and all of your support !

I must share

Hello everyone so I wanted to share something. I just found it alittle outraged. So as everyone on here knows I’m 3 months pregnant now . My due date is my grandmothers birthday (which she passed away last year on September 5th) . So I made a appointment for bloodwork to see if my baby and I are okay . My appointment is the September 5th which is my grandmothers death date . Does that sound crazy ? Or no? Am I just losing my mind lol

Pregnancy brain

Is pregnancy brain real ? Because honestly I feel like it is. I am currently 9 weeks pregnant and I have been literally forgetting everything since I got pregnant! My morning sickness has finally went away ! But I’m always just so tired and don’t feel like doing anything so what’s better then blogging all day to keep you guys entertained! I’ll be posting more about my pregnancy because I feel like it’s just a interesting topic to cover and especially for the men and women who doesn’t have kids can understand the basics of pregnancy ❤️ thanks for all your support and I’ll be up to date with more blogs soon !