Fun sunny day

My son and I had a little run away (in the yard) to use our chalk he’s been so excited to use ! It kept him busy all day ! What do you guys let your kids play with outside or when your kids were younger what did they play with?

New people Alert 🚨

Hi everyone so since we are all bloggers here,I’m sure you guys love meeting new people right ? With that being said , drop 5 questions you want to ask me and I’ll answer them ! Let’s play !

Babies first shots

Wish my luck today as my 2 month old goes for her shots . If you’re a mother I know you understand my pain at the moment. Good morning everyone and I hope everyone enjoys their day ❤️

My 2 month old daughter ❤️💕

Hi everyone , so I now have a 2 month old daughter . Time is flying already , but anywho she is sooo smart already and wants to be on the move . My 5 year old son is such a great big helper and loves his sister sooo deeply. I’ll have a few mommy blogs coming soon . Being a mother is the best !

I’m back !!

Hey everyone , I know it’s been awhile since I’ve been on here ! But I’m back hopefully more often . I had my daughter in March so things have been big change ❤️ I’ll be back posting on here and there . I’ve missed all my followers !

I’m back !

Hey everyone ,

Sorry I haven’t been on for awhile life and pregnancy definitely taking over ! I see you guys still have amazing posts like alwaysss ! I’ll be back later to talk to ya ! Good morning and have a blessed day ❤️