Happy Friday

Happy Friday everyone ! Remember have a blessed day & love everyone ❀️ I’ll have some post for you guys later after my 12 hr shift ❀️

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My Five must haves in my purse with dealing with a 4 year old BOY!

Okay .. so for anyone who has children or want children you must know you need to keep a few things in your purse as your child gets older. My son is 4 and will be 5 in September but for some reason I still have to keep a few things in my purse for him.

1. Wipes- I always need wipes because he likes to make a mess here and there, runny nose, or when he goes potty in a public place he doesn’t like toilet tissue πŸ˜‚

2. Toys- he’s a big fan on avengers! So I have to keep all his characters in my purse so he can have something to play with if he has a appointment or if we are out and about !

3. Extra clothes – always a must have with any children !

4. Medicine-I forever keep medicine in my purse just in case he needs them . He also has asthma so I have to keep his inhalers 24/7

5. Blanket- every child has a special blanket they have to carry around . With my kid he has a paw patrol blanket, avengers blanket & and a green and white tigger blanket he had since he was born !

What do you guys think of my five items ? What are some other items to add ? Thank you for your support don’t be shy to give me some opinions ☺️