Just a rant 🤦🏽‍♀️

Ok so here’s my rant for today … I really can’t stand that people spend so much money on named brand shoes and clothes for their kids who are young ! I know that some parents want their kids styled but what’s wrong with Walmart clothes ? Or any other place that isn’t names brand ? There are kids being bullied everyday because they don’t have nike ,Jordan , puma and all the other brands . Kids grow out of clothes so fast. I’m teaching my son that brands don’t matter it’s only a brand and that’s what parents are paying for . Grown ups are even talking about other parents because they won’t buy their children named brand clothes . How do you feel about this topic ? Done hesitate to comment because I know I’m not the only parent thinking outside Of the box !

Xoxo ❤️

Zoo time

out of town for a mini vacation but I will post a lot of pictures when I’m done editing them 😁😍

What is your biggest fear

What is your biggest fear? My biggest fear is seeing where I will go after I die ! I know it sounds crazy but what we do here on earth determines where we will end up when we die ( my belief ) ! How do you guys feel about it ? I’m sure I do really good here on earth but we all sin ! Should I be scared where I will go when I die ? Are you scared where you will go ? Let’s get a conversation started 😊 tell me your thoughts !