Curly hair 😍

The best part about summer is wearing you’re natural hair due to the heat! Curly hair is one of my favorite hairstyles because it feels so good and free ! What are your favorite hair styles for the summer ?!

Stay motivated πŸ™πŸΌ

When I first started blogging people would tell me I wouldn’t get far with it and it’s a waste of my time . When you really love something people like that can’t get in your way. I know I have a long way to go with my blogging but I know that it’s something I will succeed in ! If you have negative energy around you the best thing to do is to keep them out of your circle and stay around positive energy ! Just a little paragraph for thoughts ! Have a blessed day!

Falling Angels

Where are you my falling angels

I wish I could see you

to hold you & to laugh with you

Where are you my falling angels

why aren’t you here

because nothing is the same

Where are you my falling angels

I miss you!

Just made this short poem for a few people I’ve lost within the last few years. It sucks when your loved ones are no longer here.

Never Judge a book by it’s cover

Have you ever heard the term never judge a book by it’s cover? When I’m using this I don’t necessarily mean just a book but I also mean a person . I used to be the type person who judged people based on their face expressions,looks and the way they dress. I must say I put a whole stop to that because you never know what a person is going through. When I got to high school my whole thinking process was different because I was going through personal things in my life. I have a mean face but I’m not mean. I show my mean face to block out my feelings . Has anyone ever done that? Or have to hide how their feeling because you feel alone when in reality you’re not ! There are of a lot of life lessons and more to come but I’m getting closer to the Lord and it’s time for a change . Going through things you learn to not judge other people. Thank you guys for reading I needed a vent post!

Have I ever told you …

Have I ever told you that I’m not perfect?!

Have I ever told you that I make mistakes?!

Have I ever told you the world is unbearable?!

Have I ever told you life can be much simpler but it’s not ?!

Have I ever told you the lord is watching you and you have many blessings to come ?! πŸ™πŸΌ

I hope this made everyone’s day ! positive vibes only β€οΈπŸ’—


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Rip Nipsey Hussle

For all of you who didn’t know who nipsey was , he was a AFRICAN AMERICAN rapper,activist,father,brother,husband and much more . He was shot and killed in front of his own store. People say it’s gang violence but I know better. He spoke about how he felt about gun violence take the time to read about him because he wasn’t just a rapper he made black lives matter ! Rip to you my love ! The lord is going to take care of you

Above is a picture of him and something my fiancΓ© posted on his Instagram ! Please don’t judge and take the time to really read about this man !