Never Judge a book by it’s cover

Have you ever heard the term never judge a book by it’s cover? When I’m using this I don’t necessarily mean just a book but I also mean a person . I used to be the type person who judged people based on their face expressions,looks and the way they dress. I must say I put a whole stop to that because you never know what a person is going through. When I got to high school my whole thinking process was different because I was going through personal things in my life. I have a mean face but I’m not mean. I show my mean face to block out my feelings . Has anyone ever done that? Or have to hide how their feeling because you feel alone when in reality you’re not ! There are of a lot of life lessons and more to come but I’m getting closer to the Lord and it’s time for a change . Going through things you learn to not judge other people. Thank you guys for reading I needed a vent post!


New moments ❤️

7 thoughts on “Never Judge a book by it’s cover

  1. You have an amazing and beautiful spirit for such a young person. Thank you very kindly. I think many of us have been through our own traumas and life events in our lives, but it is a good thing when we can hold our heads up high and get on with our lives anyway. I always thing that the worst of challenges happens to us because without them we would never truly learn to have real compassion for the trials and traumas of others and our journey in life would not be as meaningful. Thank you again.


    1. Thank you so much ! 😊 I totally agree with you ! Life has been alittle rough but the lord wouldn’t give us anything we can’t handle . We will have bumps in the road but we must lift our spirits more ! ❤️ you’re welcome 😇


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